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Pro-lifer:Would you have wanted to be aborted
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please love celebrities without invading their privacy please love them as people and respect them please love them but don’t feel entitled to them or their life they are not yours they are theirs

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When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester


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» The Art of Acting by Tatiana Maslany

Posture (submitted by areyoutatiana)

Alison moves and stands restricted in a formal but reserved posture. As Tatiana mentioned in one of her interviews, she considers Alison to be a trained Ballerina, hence the posture and tightness .
Sarah is more relaxed and likes to lean on one leg, not giving a damn about things.
Cosima struts her stuff around. Tatiana mentioned that Cosima knows she is cute, and she likes to take advantage of that fact.
Helena hardly ever uses her hands (behind or front). They are always almost on her sides and she slouches - walking or standing, the introvert that she is

If you have noticed anymore, do message me.

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“Everybody knows that the Premier League is the best league in the world”.

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If you say you haven’t ever just sat and stared at a gif of cophine kissing for at least five minutes then I don’t believe you

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